Do Men Get Urinary Tract Infections?

When most people hear about urinary tract infections (UTI) they think of women with bladder infections. But there are a significant number of men who develop UTIs for a variety of reasons. And while we generally don't hear men complaining about having an infection, various conditions in both young and older men can result in a UTI.

As a urologist I can say that most of the UTIs I see are in men older than 50 years of age with enlarged prostate glands who are retaining a significant amount of urine in their bladder.

Urine is an excellent breeding ground for bacteria and if it is sitting around in one's bladder and not moving, there is a risk of UTI. For the most part these infections are successfully treated with antibiotics and can be prevented by treating the enlarged prostate so that the bladder empties sufficiently so that  UTIs no longer occur.

Another condition is known as Prostatitis, or an infection of the prostate gland itself. This can be a serious condition associated with high fevers, pain and difficulty urinating. This condition occurs at almost any age beginning in the second decade of life and has no specific predisposing conditions. In most cases treatment is successful with a long course of antibiotics and further intervention is rarely required.

Men can also contract infection in their testicles know as Orchitis or Epididymitis.  This type of infection has multiple causes including sexually transmitted diseases, lifting or straining, the presence of a catheter in the penis, as well as no obvious cause. Treatment is with antibiotics which are determined by the type of bacteria causing the infection. Usually the infection will resolve with no permanent damage to the testicle.

While not that common, certain type of kidney stones can cause UTIs. These stones are usually discovered in the process of evaluating a man with a UTI who undergoes a Cat Scan or Kidney Ultrasound. Antibiotics alone are not sufficient treatment for these UTIs as the actual kidney stone or stones are the source of the infections. Therefore the stone but be removed in their entirety to cure the UTI.

As you can see, men indeed to get UTIs. If you are concerned that you have a UTI or need an evaluation please call 215-563-1199 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with me.