Age Management

Age Management

Live healthy longer

For men and women, Age Management Medicine means optimizing your years of good health, maintaining quality of life and avoiding or delaying disease and illness. It also means treating chronic medical conditions with both traditional and leading edge therapies.

Age Management is a focus of our practice. Be sure to ask your Philadelphia Urology Associates physician about ways you might benefit from this exciting and promising new area of medicine.

Low Testosterone

Testosterone, better known as the “male hormone” is receiving a lot of attention these days. This is because of an increasing awareness that many men suffer from testosterone deficiency or “Low T”. Symptoms of this deficiency can include low libido, erectile dysfunction, fatigue, loss of muscle mass and can even lead to mood changes or depression. Undergoing testosterone replacement treatment can alleviate many of these issues. Current scientific evidence now shows that testosterone replacement is not only safe, but can have significant positive benefits in treating low T and on men’s well being and overall health.

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