Talking With Your Partner about Erectile Dysfunction

Talk With Your Partner About Their Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction (ED), and discussions of it, have become a part of our nation’s media.  We see commercials, comedy sketches and news reports detailing the disease.  Still, it is often difficult for partners to discuss erectile dysfunction.  Even though it may seem difficult, open discussion of the problem is often the first step to resolving it and enjoying a better sex life.  There are a few strategies you can implement to have a productive conversation about ED with your partner.

First and foremost, prepare a comfortable way to approach the situation.  You’ll want to find a time where both you and your partner will be able to give your attention to the issue, at a time and in an environment that is comfortable for you both.  You may also want to rehearse what you plan on saying, so you will feel more at ease when the discussion begins.

Being open and supportive is important as well – for both the person experiencing erectile dysfunction and yourself.  Emotions can run high. As a man, you may feel fear and avoid sexual content in the bedroom because you are afraid you may not get an erection, and your partner may be hurt and feel that they are no longer sexually attractive because of the problems.  Reassurances are important for both parties in this situation.  You may also want to read up on the issue before you discuss it with your partner, and also encourage them to read literature about it as well.  By better understanding the underlying medical issues that can lead to erectile dysfunction, you and your partner can feel more at ease about the problem and your feelings related to it.

Finally, you may want to seek outside help.  By meeting with a doctor to discuss your problems, you can get to the underlying issue – whether medical or mental – and develop a plan to help alleviate erectile dysfunction.  To make an appointment to discuss erectile dysfunction with a trained doctor, contact Philadelphia Urology today at (215) 563-1199.