If Your Partner Has Erectile Dysfunction

Has Your Partner Been Diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction?

When your partner is diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, it can be an uncomfortable time for you both.  You may feel hurt, and think that it is your fault, or think that you are no longer attractive to your partner and that is why he cannot perform.  But he is also scared, and probably concerned that you are disappointed.  These insecurities can cause unnecessary problems within the relationship during an already difficult time.

Getting Through ED Together

So how can you help ease the tension when your partner has erectile dysfunction?

  • First, take the time to learn about ED.  Knowledge is power, and can help ease your concerns about the issue.
  • Let your partner know he is not alone, and that you are there for him – whether it is just to talk him about the issue, or to help him make lifestyle changes (like quitting smoking or adopting a more healthy lifestyle) to help deal with erectile dysfunction.
  • Offer to go to the doctor with him – this will show you care, and also allow you to learn more information on how to help him through the issue.
  • Finally, remind him that there are many options for successful treatment of ED.  The first medicine or new routine recommended by the doctor might not be the right one for him, but one failure at fixing the problem should not leave him discouraged.

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