A Woman's Point of View

Commercials discussing erectile dysfunction pills make the process seem so simple – a man recognizes that he has a problem, pops a pill, and is immediately once again romantic and functioning like his “old self”.  But often times, this is not the case.  While the commercials focus on how great these pills can be for the man, they often do not discuss the effects erectile dysfunction can have on women.

Women Coping With Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile failures can happen in men at any time, often caused by stress, depression, or other factors.  These problems can turn into chronic erectile dysfunction for a variety of reasons – everything from diabetes, high cholesterol or heart disease to psychological factors.  Because women are often not educated in the myriad of factors that lead to erectile dysfunction, they often feel anxiety, hurt or anger over the issue.  They may blame themselves for the problem, feeling that they have done something wrong, or that they are no longer attractive to their partner.  This is not the case.

When a woman first visits a doctor with her partner to discuss erectile dysfunction, the questions she asks are often tinged with anxiety and hurt.  This can be interpreted as an attack by the man, causing him to pull back, which can further hurt the relationship.  It is important for a woman to go into the meeting understanding that the erectile dysfunction that what her partner is experiencing is not her fault.  It is important to be understanding and communicate openly.  Trying to push her partner to perform sexually can cause anxiety and rejection on both sides.

Instead, discuss the issue outside of the bedroom in a calm manner, treating it as any other non-threatening issue to the relationship.  Explore other ED treatment options to stay connected on a physical and emotional level while treatment is taking place, and make sure to remain supportive at all times during the process.