Philadelphia Urologist Using Madajet No Needle Vasectomy

Philadelphia Urologist Using Madajet No Needle Vasectomy

The number of men choosing to have a vasectomy as a form of contraception has been on the rise ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Now with the US Supreme Court's decision regarding the infamous Roe versus Wade ruling on a woman's right to have an abortion, more men than ever before are considering vasectomies as their solution to contraception issues.

Why a Vasectomy Makes Sense For Contraception

When discussing contraception, it really basically "boils down" to one major question:
Does the man or the woman take the action, plus accept the responsibility that goes along with it?

Here's some basic reasons that if a man accepts the responsibility of contraception, a vasectomy is perhaps the perfect solution:
1. It’s a simple and fast procedure.
2. It’s less expensive than most forms of contraception.
3. There’s less pain versus some other forms of contraception.
4. Performed in an office setting with no need for any general anesthesia.
5. There’s faster recovery than seen with other forms.
6. It’s nearly 100% effective in preventing pregnancy according to the Mayo Clinic.
It is important to note that there's a very small (1 -2%) possibility of what’s known as "recanalization" after any successful vasectomy. This means, unbeknownst to the man, that the Vas has reconnected and he is no longer sterile. No method of contraception is ever 100% guaranteed -- a condom can break, women get pregnant even after a tubal ligation, etc.

What Is a No Needle (or Needle Free) Vasectomy?

Most vasectomies are outpatient procedures performed with local anesthesia. At Philadelphia Urology Associates we have a method called No-Scalpel Vasectomy, which unlike a traditional vasectomy, only requires tiny incisions, thus making it a much less-invasive approach. The puncture site can be covered with dressing and requires no stitches.

Now Philadelphia Urology Associates additionally offers a man choosing to have a vasectomy what's known as a "Needle Free Vasectomy" or a "No Needle Vasectomy" as an additional option for the procedure. In the "No Needle Vasectomy" procedure, a device known as a MadaJet delivers local anesthesia without a needle. It creates a high pressure spray that allows the anesthetic agent to penetrate the scrotal skin without causing pain. In other words, the MadaJet device "shoots" the anesthesia via rapid-pulse technology into the man's scrotum without the use of any needles! Although the Needle Free Vasectomy procedure is basically the same price as a "regular" vasectomy, the procedure does require some extensive additional training by the physician (that Dr. Sloane at Philadelphia Urology Associates has received).

As with any vasectomy procedure, after your No Needle Vasectomy you may feel some mild discomfort in the area, which can usually be relieved with an athletic support, ice pack or nonprescription pain medication. As with all vasectomies, we recommend also that you try and avoid strenuous activity or sex for several days afterwards.

Questions About Getting a Vasectomy?

At Philadelphia Urology Associates, Dr. Bruce Sloane is a nationally renowned specialist in Men's Health issues and Age Management Medicine. Dr. Sloane believes that a vasectomy is an excellent form of contraception and offers it to his patients without hesitation. Using state-of-the-art equipment and having extensive specialized education and training, Dr. Sloane will find the treatments and solutions that will work best for you.

Having two separate offices and physical locations in both Philadelphia and Darby allows Dr. Sloan the ability to treat patients throughout Philadelphia and the surrounding areas like Delaware County. We all understand here at Philadelphia Urology Associates that deciding whether or not to have a vasectomy is a major life choice, and many men find that the decision can be rather intimidating. For more information on the procedure, set up an appointment now by calling us at (215) 563-1199 or contact us online now!