Adult Circumcisions Are Normally Religious or Cosmetic

Adult circumcisions are definitely on the rise in the United States as many Urologists have been reporting thus far in 2022. Many men who were not circumcised as babies are considering undergoing the procedure during their adult years. When they do, their reasons tend to fall into two categories: It’s a personal choice or they have medical problems.
Whether the reasons are religious, health-related, cultural in nature, or just due to individual's personal preferences, greater than 71.2% of men are circumcised in the United States. While the majority of males are circumcised just after birth in the US, adult circumcision is also a viable option for men who do not undergo the procedure as babies or as infants.

Certain specific religions, such as Judaism and Islam, for example, include circumcision as part of their customs. So let us take a look at some other reasons that adult circumcisions are performed. Also, let's keep in mind that circumcision is actually a surgical procedure to remove the foreskin that covers the tip of the penis. While it’s not a complicated procedure, recovery does take longer in adults than in babies.

Reasons For Performing Adult Circumcisions

As discussed previously, religion and cosmetic reasons may be the driving force for the majority of circumcision surgeries that are performed.  However, adults who choose to have the procedure may do so for any number of reasons, or combination of the possible benefits.

Circumcision has been proven by studies of lowering the risks for contracting HIV and STD's (sexually transmitted diseases, such as syphilis, herpes, and human papillomavirus). Studies also indicate that circumcision may also lower your chances of getting a UTI (urinary tract infection). Furthermore, circumcision may sometimes be necessary if the foreskin is very tight and is causing chronic inflammation in the man's penis or foreskin area.

There is also mounting evidence that removing the foreskin though an adult circumcision may result in a reduced risk of developing penile cancer later in life.

Adult Circumcision Procedure and Surgery

Adult circumcision is a surgical procedure that's performed under general anesthesia, so the majority of patients are "asleep" and don’t feel anything during the surgery. The procedure normally should take roughly about 30 minutes. Your urologist will move the foreskin away from the head of the penis, measure how much skin needs to be removed, and then uses a scalpel to cut away the excess skin. The remaining skin is then stitched back onto the man's penis with dissolvable sutures.

Adult Circumcision Recovery

Most adult men do experience some pain, swelling, &/or bruising following surgery, but ice packs alone will normally help keep the swelling down to a minimum. The dressings on the site should always be kept clean and dry to avoid infections. Additionally, it's recommended that the man should wear loose-fitting clothing over the first several days following the procedure. Healing normally takes around 14 to 20 days total (or two to three weeks), and you may plan to take off work for a week or so, depending on the amount of physical activities that your job may require you to perform.

You should also start walking a day or two after the procedure, but remember to keep any movements slow and of low-impact. After four weeks (or about a month) post-surgery, the majority of patients find that they're able to exercise normally again. Yet always keep in mind that the recommendation is to postpone any sexual activities until about six weeks following the surgery.

Questions About Adult Circumcisions?

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