LGBT "Friendly" Urologist In Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas

LGTB and all patients deserve the very best health care that is available. Putting aside any personal factors such as race, country of origin, religious beliefs, political beliefs, ethnic preference's, cultural traits, and sexual diversity, all patients deserve the best possible treatment! A patient's sexual preferences should never enter into the picture when trying to figure out who is the best available physician or doctor in your area to treat your symptoms and diagnose your condition. Yet we still receive numerous email inquiries asking if our offices here at Philadelphia Urology Associates are LGTB friendly.

So Just To Be Clear On This Issue - Philadelphia Urology Associates Offices Are All LGTB Friendly!

Certainly there should be no secrets to finding the best LGBT doctor or ally for you. So no matter where you fall on the LGBT or ally spectrum, you deserve great medical care. Period. However, if you’re a part of this community you already know how hard it is to find a great LGBT doctor or ally that truly understands you. For example, many of the “finding the best LGBT doctor” lists are focusing on big cities. As a result, they leave out the vast majority of the country. Therefore, creating quick tips that people can use everywhere is critical for us all to obtain better healthcare. So when trying to find the best LGBT doctor for you here in the Philadelphia and surrounding tri-county area, here are some things to consider:

Things to Consider When Searching For the Best LGBT Doctor Available

1. YOU are in charge! So get educated and empowered!
2. Ask how many LGBT patients they currently have or have previously treated.
3. Have they received cultural humility training?
4. Is there diversity and inclusion at every level?
5. Is there staff bilingual?
6. How long have they been in business?
7. How many providers do they have? For example, if you don’t “click” with a provider do they have other providers?
8. Verify that they take your insurance or have other payment options.
9. Read local business reviews on websites like Google, Yelp, Healthgrades, etc.

And perhaps most importantly, by word of mouth. Ask your friends!

Are They Board Certified?